custom_info @ aiden

overview: Aiden is a Fairyland Minifee Luka in natural skin and default faceup. He also has his sleeping head with default faceup, and his Silver Bird fullset outfit. I bought him from Fairyland through Denver Doll Emporium and waited 112 days for him (almost 4 months). He is on a Dollzone MSD boy body in normal pink skin bought new through Mint On Card, the resin match is excellent.

His wig is the short straight black one he shipped with and as shown in his fullset, probably a size 7-8. He has 14mm brown glass Luts L.G eyes #59. He also has the Dollmore Silver Reminiscences Kimono set plus cork sandals, and a piecemeal Dollmore modern lolita outfit. He has white shoes from ebay to finish his fullset look, and black goth boots from Mimiwoo.

box opening: Youtube version, DA version.

clothes I have made him:
denim beach genie outfit

his own room: is shown here

character and stats: Are over here.