interview @ aiden // version:piratey

Introduction: These are Aiden's answers for an "Interviews" meme thread at DoA, with questions by Nana aka SacredMonsoon. This version goes with the version of Michael who also answered the interview. This version of Aiden has a similar background as in Of Toys And Dreams And Piratey Things (be ye warned, there be yaoi at that site and the story isn't exactly kosher), condensed way down because I started writing the story thinking the doll would scale with my other dolls to about age 12, and realized later that he was more like 6-7. As opposed to answering the questions as if Aiden is at the start of the piratey story or completely spoilering it by answering at age 12, this is an alternate universe... and thus, the doll's official backstory, or at least one of them, as there is probably a modern version too.

Name: Aiden
Doll Mold: Fairyland Minifee Luka
Face up: default
Eyes: brown
Hair: black, short and straight
Skin: natural
Age: 7

If you were to describe yourself with one word, what would it be? ...Aiden? Wait no, can I change it to "hungry"? I'm hungry right now. Can we eat yet? ...Not till after? Aww...

What is most important to you in the world? Staying with Michael. I don't want to go anywhere else. He is the best guardian ever. ♥ And he's a- wait, can I say that here? It's a secret... oh, good, okay. He's a pirate! The Mad Priest of the Seven Seas! I get to be a pirate too! ARRR.

Would you help someone who needed it while passing? Umm... I'm not supposed to talk to strangers. If it's someone on the ship, I can try.

Are you very observant? Not if I'm daydreaming...

How innocent/naive can you be? Michael says I'm very innocent.

Can you entertain yourself easily? Yes!

How well do you get along with others? It depends on if they are nice or fun or not. I like fun people who are nice to me. I don't like scary people or mean people. The other pirates on the ship are a lot nicer than I thought they would be... maybe they treat me special though.

What was the longest time you had a friend? I never really had a friend before Michael... so, a few months.

Do you have someone who knows you inside out? Michael can guess a lot of things about me, but he doesn't know everything... mostly because I haven't told him yet. I like telling him things.

How short is your temper? I don't really get angry... maybe sad instead.

Can you let go of grudges easily? I can if I don't see the person again.

Do you read? Yes, I have learning books and fun books and Michael is reading Hamlet to me too!

Do you watch TV? Huh?

Do you collect anything? Not really... I had a few pretty pebbles before, but someone threw them out. I haven't really thought about it now that I'm here.

How long do you stay interested in something? If it's fun or interesting, a lonnnng time.

If you collected, would it be for interest or profit? Interest! I don't need money, Michael takes care of me.

Do you know your parents/creator? Yes, and I'm glad my real father wasn't the man I thought it was for so long. I wish my real father hadn't died, I never got to meet him... but Michael is the very best guardian and takes good care of me.

What is your birthday? The 18th of April, and I was born in 1802.

Do you have any siblings? No.

Ever have to fight for what you believe in? I'm too little to fight for real... but Michael is teaching me to fence now!

When did you move out on your own? I'm too little for that too! I'm glad Michael takes care of me, it's a big scary world out there... not scary with him though.

When did you REALLY mature? I'm still a boy... maybe next year.

Did you have many friends? I didn't really have any friends until Michael... mother tried but... she was stuck too, and sad. And sick.

Any action you regret? I wish I could have made things better for mother... but Michael says it's not my fault things were that way.

What is a memory you treasure? Mother giving me her secret ring that came from my real father, but I didn't know it then... and Michael coming to get me when he learned who my father most likely was.

Do you have a dream partner? I don't really like girls...

Do you believe you seek someone like your parents (or creator)? My mother was nice, but... she was my mother. I never got to meet my father, Michael says he was a good man. I like being young, I don't want to worry about grown-up things yet.

Do you have one night stands? I don't think I could stand for a whole night!

What feature is most attention grabbing for you? I like it when people have nice eyes. And Michael is reeeeeeeeeally tall.

What MUST someone have for you to consider them? Consider them for what?

Older, younger, same age as you? Why are you asking? Nobody is my age on the ship... Michael is forty, but sometimes the way he acts, he is like a little boy too. But then he can be so very grown-up as well.

How do you feel about settling down? I am living with Michael now on his ship the Fallen Mary, does that count?

How many dates before you go to bed with someone? I umm, sleep by myself. Michael made a bed for me in his room.

How do you handle rejection? I'm used to people thinking I'm not good enough... but Michael says all sorts of kind things about me. I'm glad he cares about me... he's... a very special person to me too.

How many times did you stop something before it developed? What do you mean? I've never really had control over much before, but now Michael and the other pirates actually listen to me. It's nice.

Have you settled down and if so for how long? I, umm, I hope to live with Michael for a long long time.

Any Children? I'm a child!

Any Grandchildren? ...Is it time to eat yet?

What do you love most about your partner? Girls are icky.

Any petnames? There aren't any animals on the ship, although Michael had dogs a long time ago, named Brutus and Nero.

How many relationships have you been in? I'm too little for that.

Have you ended any? I guess that would be a no.

Has your heart been broken? Not in a romantic way. It hurt when mother died...

Any loves you cannot have? Girls are ickkkkkkkkkkky.

Do you believe in true love? Yes! The storybooks can't be wrong!

Have you ever died? Oh dear, no!

Can you even die? Yes... I hope I can be alive for a long time though. I hope Michael can too. He worries sometimes about the future and me, becauae he is already so old, but I don't think he's old.

Have you seen someone die? Y-yes... I was there when mother died.

Have you killed someone? In playtime yes, but no, not for real.

Have you had someone killed? N-no...

What makes you truly happy? Being near Michael. He is an amazing person.

If you could, what is one thing you would spend your life doing? Hmm...... I want to grow up and do grown-up things with Michael! Although I also like it when he plays with me, so I guess I want to grow up and play just like a child with him too.

Do you have a job, if so what is it? I help Louis sometimes in the hold, but he does all the hard stuff. And sometimes Michael lets me be the captain! I like his hat, it's too big for my head though. I still wear it anyways.

Have you ever gone insane? No... although sometimes I wondered if I would go crazy where I was before. And even though Michael is known as the Mad Priest, he's perfectly sane too.

Did you ever feel as if you were the only sane one in the world? Back in bad times, sometimes. But I know the world is a lot bigger than me... I just never got to see much of it then.

If you had a choice, would you live a calm eternal life, or live a wild short life?
If Michael can be there for all of it, I don't really care. You can ask him, and whatever he picks, that's what I pick too.