information @ alise

name: Alise
age: two years younger than Anastasia
gender: female
sculpt: Monster High Day At The Maul Draculaura
size: 28cm
arrival date: December 5th, 2011
eye color: purple
hair color: black with hot pink streaks
personality: open-minded and free-spirited while still maintaining a touch of elegent calm and reservation
family: sister Anastasia, niece Melody
orientation: open-minded was already mentioned, yes?
likes: Anastasia and Melody, ballroom dancing, many other dancing styles
dislikes: pointless annoyances, the color brown
quick bio: Alise has a bit of a troubled past, being long-separated from her sister by trials she doesn't wish to speak of. They are over, however, and she is free to return to the family that has grown during her absence, and is glad to be warmly welcomed back into the clan.
ooc: The third Draculaura to hit me with "must have" and she is most definitely Anastasia's long-lost sister. The family is whole again, and having them all as different versions of Draculaura is perfect. :3
etc: She was purchased from zcvservices via
special item in her head: head isn't made to come off.