information @ ambrosia

name: Ambrosia Genevieve Alistaire
age: 211
gender: female
sculpt: Monster High Dead Tired Frankie Stein
size: 28cm
arrival date: December 7th, 2011
eye color: one blue, one green
hair color: white with black streaks
personality: spacey, dreamy, generally happy but not "all there"
family: twin sister Genevieve
orientation: not really "present" enough for that
likes: Genevieve, clouds, fluffy cuddly things, stars
dislikes: scary or frightening things, yogurt
quick bio: In the year 1800, siamese twins were born to a poor family in the French countryside. The girls shared body and legs, although it was Genevieve who had muscle control over the legs. The two managed to survive into teenage years before dying of complications caused by their particular birth defect and lack of proper medical care due to finances and the time period. A scientist knew of the impending deaths and offered a substantial sum to buy the shared body in the name of scientific research. What he actually did was rebuild the twins as separate girls, switching one girl's blue eye for the other's green in the process. He brought them back to life via an electrical storm and very experimental equipment, and the rest is history.
Ambrosia is the weaker sister both in mind and body, and her green eye stopped working some time ago. She is inseparable from her caretaker twin even though the two have been able to separate from some time; they do have elements of their lives separate from their twin's interests.
ooc: Ambrosia's green eye actually has a combination of what looks like casting issues and paint defects, hence the idea that she is now blind in that eye.
etc: She was purchased from
special item in her head: head isn't made to come off.