information @ anastasia

name: Lady Anastasia
age: a true lady does not reveal her age
gender: female
sculpt: Monster High Draculaura
size: 28cm
arrival date: December 23rd, 2010
eye color: purple
hair color: black with hot pink streaks
personality: a sophisticated vampire with excellent taste in fashion
family: daughter Melody, sister Alise
orientation: inappropriate questions will be ignored, although Luna now has girlfriend status
likes: Asura and her unliving family, Luna; highbrow snobbery, as the less fortunate call it, though she gives no quarter to pointless drama; also, she is an opera oficionado
dislikes: needless drama, anyone who acts like a guttersnipe no matter their status, beggars
quick bio: Lady Anastasia has lived many lifetimes as the supposed successors to her own lineage. Her true parents are long dead, and she plays the part of one generation after another for as long as her age is believable. It is no coincidence that the "family" hands down the name of Anastasia to the firstborn daughter. Long-lost sister Alise has now returned to be sister once again, and aunt to Anastasia's also returned actual daughter Melody, a child of blood both genetic and vampiric.
ooc: This doll belongs to Asura, he is the one who discovered her name and personality. She is a perfect height for an SD-size doll for him, and has her very own coffin to sleep in, as well as a bunch of her own dolls.
etc: She was purchased from Vintage Treasure Hunters on Ebay, and I received her November 15th, 2010; Asura had her box opening on the arrival date listed above.
special item in her head: head isn't made to come off.