information @ ashe

name: Ashe (nickname), Ashen (assassin alias), Haiiro Kaijin (real name)
age: 28
gender: male
sculpt: Souldoll Kanguk head, normal skin & default faceup, on a 60cm Dollzone normal pink skin body
size: 60cm
arrival date: September 12th, 2011
eye color: black
hair color: black
personality: confident and sometimes cocky, cool under pressure
orientation: gay
likes: Nightweaver's Jade, strong men, sniper rifles, sushi, tea, Chinese and Japanese culture, crossdressing, kimonos, martial arts, keeping in top physical shape
dislikes: the System, racism, prison
quick bio: A highly-skilled Asian assassin, Ashe is half Chinese and half Japanese. He grew up in his mother's "establishment" in which he received an early education on adult matters. He crossdresses on occasion and knows several languages including fluent Mandarin, Japanese, and English.
ooc: Ashe is a multipurpose character I have written and roleplayed in settings from science fiction to modern day to 1600's historical piracy; he was first created as an original character for the Riddick universe. He scales perfectly with all my other dolls on the Aster Scale, as he is a very short 5'2" in "real life."
special item in his head: nothing yet
customization info: Click me.