custom_info @ ashe

overview: Ashe is a Souldoll Kanguk head in normal skin and default faceup on a 60cm Dollzone normal pink skin boy body (B60-004). I ordered his head directly from Souldoll, the total wait time was 73 days (over twice the estimated production time, Souldoll was running very, very behind). I later ordered his body from Dollzone through Mint On Card, and waited a total of 153 days (five months, it arrived May 5th, 2012, as Dollzone was also behind).

His wig is a black fur size 8/9 from Spite & Malice, and he has black Dollmore 14mm D (Y03) glass eyes. His clothes are random from the big stash of doll clothes, mostly Dollmore and borrowed parts of other's clothing sets.

head box opening:
    Youtube version, DA version

body box opening:
    Youtube version,
    DA version part 1 and part 2.

character and stats: Are over here.