custom_info @ aster

overview: Aster is a Dollzone Hong in white skin, faceup by Nightweaver, on the 68cm body. He was ordered new from Dollzone through Mint On Card. His total wait time was 96 days (just over three months).

He has a DollGa WL-031 size 9.5/10.5 wig in "Snow White." He has Dollmore 16mm acrylic pink (A02) eyes and he also has an alternate pair from Ersa Flora which are 16mm no-pupil opal acrylics in "Light Pink." He has an extra pair of normal DZ hands (the 68cm ones are positioned differently), I still need to see if they fit his body. He has clothes, jewelry, and boots from Dollmore.

box opening:
    Youtube version
    DA version

character and stats: Are over here.