This site is coded specifically for Firefox and Windows XP. It may look wrong in other browsers and with other operating systems, which is something I cannot control nor do I have the time or ability to cross-check all possible combinations for compatibility. This site is best viewed using Firefox at the very least, but it will still look wrong with Windows 7 in Win7 mode.

If you are using Windows 7: Firefox fonts look absolutely terrible in Win7 mode anyways, so here is how you can change Firefox to run in Windows XP mode and see all websites the way they should be seen:

Right-click the Firefox shortcut on your desktop, choose Properties from the menu. Click on the Compatibility tab, and under "Compatibility mode" check the box by "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" which will allow you to access the drop-down list below it. Choose "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" from that list and then click Okay. Restart Firefox.

There, all better! :D

Update May 2nd, 2012: I did some work on iframe sizes, hopefully the site will look better across all browsers now.

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