custom_info @ creepysidius

overview: Creepysidius is a Soom Obsidius pointy-eared head in normal skin, with faceup and "construct" plushie body by me. I received him from Nightweaver in a trade not long after she got him brand new from Soom in a split order with other people from Den of Angels. My wait time for him was 12 days.

He has a mismatched set of Ersa Flora 14mm acrylic eyes in "Asmodius" and "Decarbia". His wig is handmade by me, using the same fabric as his body for a headcape with over 300 strands of embroidery floss sewn and knotted into it at the half-way point (600+ strands of hair total).

His body shell is made of fine white fleece-like material from Distinctive Fabric and hand-embroidered by me. I had originally intended to make him a "proper" plushie body out of more colorful fabrics from Spoonflower, which I may still do. The body's internal structure consists of a sturdy pipecleaner wireframe to hold the main body shape as well as secure the head to the neck, polyfill stuffing, and a bag of glass beads in the bottom to keep him sitting upright. He is very stable; at this point he feels complete.

his complete evolution:
    original concept sketches
    "oops, I forgot to do a box opening"
    faceup evolution
    construct body sewn, then embroidered part 1 and part 2
    mass of rainbow hair is done
    first proper picture as a complete doll (old eyes)
    YouTube video introducing the Creepmeister!

character and stats: Are over here.