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this doll does not exist yet

name: ? (possibly Alma)
age: ?
gender: female
sculpt: Dollmore Ice Dahlia, white skin, default faceup & body blushing
size: 80cm
eye color: purple
hair color: white
orientation: ?
concept: My grail doll. 'Nuff said... other than I hope to put her on layaway in fall or winter 2013.

[ ] doll with default wig and eyes, faceup, blushing
[ ] possible alternate wig (long black straight size 13/14, no bangs, if I can find it)
[x] dress (Dollmore Lusion size Karon Dress Set (Ivory and Black))
[x] shoes (Payless Smartfit size 6 matte black Mary Janes)
[x] socks