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this doll does not exist yet.

name: Einen Zallfian
age: 16
gender: male
sculpt: Impldoll Charles, white skin & default faceup
size: 43cm
eye color: blue-green
hair color: blond
orientation: gay
concept: This is my young emperor character from 2010's NaNoWriMo novel that ran 100,000 words and needs an edit badly. In the meantime, I have vague plans to order him in October of 2012 if Impldoll has an anniversary event then. I'll probably order either him or Rion sometime late that year even so.

[ ] doll and default wig
[x] eyes (Impldoll 14mm EYE_GE24 blue-green glass)
[ ] outfit (I want his default but it's currently sold out)