custom_info @ elphen

overview: Elphen is a Dollzone Moment in white skin with faceup and customization work by me in progress (see below). He was ordered new from Dollzone through Mint On Card. His total wait time was 198 days (about 6.5 months) due to the "great Dollzone backlog of 2012." I had him on a six month layaway and paid him off in four and a half, long before he shipped. He was most likely one of the very last Moments to arrive home.

He has the Dollzone 18mm light blue glass eyes he came with, and I handmade his skirt with chains. He has a ghetto doll case until I get him a nice one.

box opening: YouTube, DA

customization progress: Oct 20, 2012
status: on hold, waiting for new can of MSC

face: done final coat
face head petals: need final coat both sides
ear petals: done
head back: needs 1-2 more final coats

top torso: back needs final coat, front done
bottom torso: front needs 1-2 more final coats, back done

smaller arm petals: outsides need 2-3 final coats, insides need final coat
large arm petals: primed for blushing
medium arm petals: will not have swirls, primed for blushing
hand petals: will not have swirls, need final coat one side, other side done

legs: kept blank, done
feet: done

character and stats: Are over here.