frequently_asked_questions @ dolly_stuff

What is a BJD, Pullip, Dal, etc., and where can I get one, and can I buy yours?
    Respectively, they are dolls that can end up costing quite a bit but are worth every penny if you appreciate them, a thing any age group and gender is capable of. Do lots of research before buying a doll, and I highly recommend the DoA forums for BJDs; Mint On Card and Junkyspot are two well-reputed distributors, excellent places to start your search. And no, my dolls are not for sale.
    The main piece of advice I would like to pass on, from a source I can no longer remember (most likely from DoA), is this: When you decide you want to jump into the doll world, don't just buy any doll because it's pretty or cute. Look at as many dolls as you can, and keep looking until you find "the doll." No one else can tell you what that doll is. You will know it when you see it. Good luck! ^_^

Why does your doll have something in its head?
    There is a neat idea others mentioned on DoA about putting an item in a doll's head to represent thoughts, personality, things like that. So, some dolls that have a head I can get into receive a special item; some don't because their thoughts are their own, and some I just haven't gotten around to or found the right item. The item can change over time to something else.

Where do you get the names and character ideas for your dolls?
    From many sources, quite often from my own original characters created for fiction, fanfiction, and roleplay (as they get a doll picked to represent them), but also from popular media, imagination, randomness, or the doll's original sculpt name. Some dolls I don't pick a name for ahead of time and wait to see what the doll "tells" me its name is, or what feels right for it.

Why do you have clickable links to some companies, but not others?
    Companies that have fallen from my good graces via customer disservice are mentioned only because of the fact that the doll or item came from there. I provide clickable links to companies who have treated me right. If you have a Den of Angels account you can read what happened in respect to Denver Doll Emporium and Fairyland by clicking the links here (they go to my entries in DoA's feedback area for those companies, which are not discussion threads). There is also a video by me on Youtube of Fairyland's resin issues; they will never see another dime from me.

Can I use your doll pictures on my own website/journal/etc?
    My use rules are stated at deviantart and as such my doll photography gallery is over there too. Please see the use rules first, and assuming you are willing to follow them, knock yourself out! xD