information @ gynx

name: Gynx M. Ferria
age: 20
gender: female
sculpt: Barbie Fashion Fairytale Flairies Shyn'E
size: 23cm
arrival date: December 6, 2010
eye color: purple
hair color: pink
personality: knows how to get what she wants and is very driven, with a side order of slightly cheeky and energetic spunky
family: several sisters in the bizz, including Estrella
orientation: quite bi
likes: candy, anything pretty, lookin' good
dislikes: bad hair days, cheap hair products, Smurfs
quick bio: Gynx is into a little of everything, including modelling, singing, and acting, although she's yet to land anything other than commercials and a few music video cameos with famous artists.
ooc: I bought her from Target, and this has got to be one of the most bizarre dolls Mattel has ever put on the market. She is literally covered in glitter that is glued to her limbs, and it gums up her left arm so much it's not moveable. Her legs also won't hold more than a very wide stance due to the glitter in the joints there. I wouldn't dare take the shoes off because it'd probably scrape the glitter with it; the dress does come off, and also incorporates a lot of glitter. She is still definitely a beautiful doll with a very pretty face, and her hair is really lovely and soft.
special item in her head: head isn't made to come off.