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This is the "real life" version of events aka what happens with the dolls I and my friends own. I tried at one point to completely match up Dollyverse with the Fictional versions that incorporate alternate universe characters based on the dolls, but that isn't going to happen due to too many dissimilarities. However, the Dollyverse version tends to influence the Fictional versions, and vice versa.

Non-resin dolls may not get their arrivals mentioned, but if they interact greatly with the Dollyverse storyline, they will pop up as needed. Resin BJDs will be noted in bold text on first mention. Wishlisted dolls will be marked (wishlisted) only on the first mention of their names. Dolls that are in waiting-limbo and/or have shipped but not arrived yet are marked (incoming) on the first mention as well. Also, if a doll belongs to someone else, the owner will be noted the first time the doll is named.

This contains some spoilers to linked photostories as that is inevitable when keeping the history readable for those who don't want to check all the links. Some references will be kept vague, but some really can't. To avoid the most spoilers, click the link in each entry before reading the full entry text. Another reason for the spoilers is to keep current and future events straight as they get more complicated. The listings will continue to be updated over time as new events take place.

Links to content at the Den Of Angels forums will require an account to view (so far this only applies to the photo-letter series). All links will (or should) open new browser tabs, so no need to worry about losing this page.

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little-Aster the elf arrives Home and promptly demands cake.

teeny-Shane the vampire child arrives Home and says absolutely nothing. She waits with "mommy" little-Aster for vampire "daddy" little-Karl to come Home too.

little-Ashe takes teeny-Shane to a pirate-themed doll park. They both take their "BJDs" (Lego men) to play pretend and meet little-Aster who has brought his too.

little-Karl arrives Home and decides he owns the joint.

little-Karl and little-Aster play with recently-arrived kitchen goodies.

Luna arrives Home and promptly crashes on the dolly couch.

little-Karl doesn't quite get the "Solstice presents are for later" concept very well.

Asura arrives Home, little-Karl is unimpressed.

little-Karl challenges Asura for domination of the household while I am gone.

Asura, little-Aster, and little-Karl enjoy a little snow.

The dolls finally get to start opening their Solstice presents.

Asura receives his own "BJD" for Solstice named Anastasia. She is sentient like the other main dolls.

Asura has a little photo-shoot with Anastasia.

little-Karl re-challenges Asura for domination of the household while I am gone again.

Asura receives a photo-letter from Nightweaver's Luciole, who is looking for someone of the supernatural type to communicate with and hopes he is not disturbing Asura with the request. Luciole is worried about signs that the universes might be having instability issues.

Asura writes Luciole back with warm welcome and is curious as to why they look very similar to each other. (They are both the same sculpt, Dollzone Limited Asura with default faceup and tattoos; I met Nightweaver in the DoA DZ Waiting room while we both waited on our Asuras.) Asura also notes that he has learned of a possible complete alternate multiverse that cannot be accessed from this one, where events happened differently in regards to his own history with his lover Jian (who at the time was "busy with university" aka wishlisted) .

Luciole writes Asura back, and mentions Nightweaver's Suriel, a demon confused at first as "Ray" (who keeps being difficult for the owner to shell). Luciole wonders if something is going rather wrong with the multiverse with such strange happenings of late.

Asura writes Luciole back hurriedly as he is quite concerned over the news and decides to go see if he can find out what's wrong with the multiverse. (Although Asura shows up in at least one box opening and various other images in my devianTart doll gallery during this time period, he is technically "not here" until his return Home is noted later.)

little-Karl manages to fall for Suriel, and vice versa. little-Aster doesn't care, he's too busy trying to find more cake (priorities, donchaknow). Having a long-distance relationship is tough! But Asura is "gone," so Karl's dominance can be declared again.

My brother d00mhammer's Est arrives and goes to live with him; little-Karl quite likes her. Strata also arrives Home at the same time and waits patiently on pretty much everything (a body... his boyfriend... the latter may be a lot longer in coming).

Michael arrives Home, and promptly begins worrying that his young ward Aiden is not Home yet. little-Karl is thoroughly unimpressed that another large "goody two shoes" is in the House.

little-Karl calls together a meeting of the Dark Side of Dollyverse (and every other evil toy available) to try and plan how to get rid of Michael while Asura is "away."

Aiden finally arrives Home! And promptly falls asleep in his guardian Michael's arms. The poor child is sick and exhausted (his body causes me nothing but grief until I replace it six months later).

little-Karl attempts to befriend Aiden... for nefarious purposes, naturally.

Aiden receives presents from Michael.

Luciole writes back whether Asura will be able to read it soon or not, having recovered some unexpected memories about a lover, Nightweaver's Ashraj.

Aiden and Anastasia have a play date with some of their own dolls.

Vampire child Jareth arrives Home and quite possibly rivals little-Karl for position of the creepiest thing in the House. little-Karl is actually very pleased to have another evil soul to add to the Dark Side list. Jareth is technically blind although he can "see" better than humans through vampiric psychic-like senses.

Nightweaver's Lhevandriel becomes pregnant with Nightweaver's Mihr; Suriel is the father, and the two have already been in love for some time (little-Karl doesn't mind). It is a mystery how it happened, since Lhevandriel is male, but must involve some kind of unknown magic. (The Fictional version helped influence this and vice versa.)

little-Karl intercepts the Asura/Luciole letter series and demands to speak to Suriel with this new ability to communicate across the ocean.

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