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Luna expresses love for Anastasia, who is surprised but also delighted.

Sebastian arrives Home, and promptly plays with everything shiny and/or dangly within reach.

Miku arrives Home, and is very shy at first. She does not like little-Karl or Jareth at all, but warms up to the House once she has spent a good amount of time with the non-evil dolls.

Ashraj investigates a disturbance between dimensions and meets the human-looking demon dark-Karl (will not technically exist in doll form, he is an alternate multiverse version of Karl) under rather unfortunate circumstances once the rift breaks. The so-called uncrossable barrier between the complete alternate multiverses has been crossed but that method of doing so is destroyed in the process; dark-Karl did it merely because it was said it couldn't be done. This attempt and success at crossing is the reason behind the cross-planar instabilities.

Asura discovers Ashraj while investigating the aftermath of the disturbance and helps give weakened Ashraj enough power to find Luciole. Asura is confused over the reference to Karl and thus decides to investigate immediately.

Ashraj arrives at Nightweaver's Hideout with amnesia due to contamination from the rift.

Karl senses his alternate's arrival to the multiverse and goes to find him. The multiverse is definitely not big enough for the two of them.

Ashraj has a nightmare (y!Gallery account required to read the full version which has massive dark smut) involving dark-Karl that actually temporarily links their minds during sleep due to the rift's lingering contamination.

dark-Karl finds Ashraj and Nightweaver's Seire while the two are visiting another plane and attempts to "claim" them both; Seire fights him. Karl intervenes before dark-Karl can win and a great battle results in dark-Karl's death. The fight creates so much backlash that Asura senses it and investigates. He can only hope that the version who created the rift and scared Ashraj is the one who has died; that does seem to be the case at least. Asura and Karl part on peaceful terms, although neither trusts the other.

Asura returns Home after a short visit with Jian at university, greets all the newcomers, and confronts Jareth. Asura is distracted from checking for messages from Luciole for a little while, being unsure about what little-Karl represents in the multiverse mystery. Is he simply another alternate of Karl's, with far less power?

Michael attempts to confess feelings for Asura. It doesn't go so well.

Aiden asks Asura to read to him because he doesn't want to bother an unhappy Michael. Asura ends up getting relationship advice from a seven-year-old and decides to rethink things, but must first get Jian's input.

Jian arrives ("returns") Home earlier than expected, but then Asura knew this after the most recent visit since the same teacher in charge of both summer classes decided to wrap things up early, happy with the major projects from students involved.

Jian and teeny-Shane put together a swingset for all the little residents of the House.

There is a fire in the same building as Home and thus Aiden is spirited away with me while Asura keeps everyone else safe. Aiden dislikes the shelter and worries about Michael; on return Home the boy is glad everyone is safe but feels yet more ill (and I caught a cold, *achoo!*).

Aiden gets a new little, err, poofy friend named Felicia.

Ashe arrives Home (he gets to be another floating head for a while). He finds a comfy spot by his little version and is introduced to Sergei, little-Ashe's boyfriend.

Ramza arrives Home and promptly declares the place a disaster full of icky mortals. Right off the bat, he doesn't get along well.

Asura and Jian share a tender moment.

Asura finally decides to talk to Michael again, with a different answer this time.

Aster arrives Home, along with a strange little creature named Shirei (plus Jareth's body and Aiden's new body) and a little nameless fellow destined to find a new home. Shirei, being a Shinto shrine spirit, is quite happy to eerily haunt the place. Aster seems to have trouble remembering who he is exactly, but is glad to be somewhere safe... or mostly safe...

Lilia is finalized as an official resident of the House (she was Ramza's surprised head before insisting that she was her own dolly, she just needs a body now).

little-Karl manages to find a moment to greet Aster, who is still having difficulty with his own identity.

Zhas the drow child arrives Home and promptly clings to the nicer outfit he's given to replace his rags (and stays in those rags for the moment, the poor thing). He is distrustful of everyone and hates the new thing called "sunlight." He's only six years old but barely looks a child anymore except for his size, due to three years of Underdark life in the questionable care of Svirfneblin (deep gnomes). He is the undiscovered nephew of Nightweaver's Khal'zar, due to Khal's own fast flight from drow society.

Michael attempts to talk to Aster about little-Karl while Aiden tries to make friends with Zhas.

Emyrren arrives Home and is... promptly quite taken with Aster. Hmmhmmm! (Unfortunately, sir unicorn-horn head lacks a body to help back up any such interests for the moment.)

Jian receives his own first retail doll, Tenesia, while waiting on the then-unnamed Dollmore Banji Elf Elly Girl, his "second" real BJD.

Alice arrives Home to be an insta-best-friend for Lilia, and happily falls right into her role... with a mischievous little smirk. Curiouser and curioser!

Tychonderus makes his presence known, he's been around for quite a while as just a faceup practice faceplate but now he is a creature unto himself (and gets to join the "waiting on a body" club).

Anastasia's daughter Melody arrives with bookworm friend Mischa. Melody has fun getting to know her new "other-mommy" Luna while Mischa heads for the bookshelves.

Jian's BJD Ariel arrives Home with quite a story, and is a "non-talking-moving" doll unlike Anastasia and some of the other dolls that belong to residents of the House. (Most if not all of my character dolls don't know they are actually dolls too, and in dollyverse, they aren't... even if doll things bought in my world conveniently fit them.)

Four new members of the spooky crew arrive, one flaming gay crossdresser named Von and one very long-lost sister of Anastasia's, Alise. Two days later, the frankentwins Genevieve and Ambrosia arrive as well, hoping to find a little peace and quiet where they will fit in with their oddities instead of standing out.

Lilia becomes more active in the household (she got her body, whee!), much to Ramza's dismay.

A tiny girl named Rei Ayanami arrives Home, she is very quiet and cute as a button. Perhaps now she will have peace after a troubled and convoluted past. Another girl arrives but gives no name, not even to Rei although the two are seen together about the House.

Mei Ling arrives Home and is reunited with Jareth. She is Jareth's long-lost sister from over 600 years ago and is also a vampire. She is mute although she was not when Jareth was still human; she thought her favorite little brother was long dead and he thought she died as well.

The new girl who has been hanging with Rei is properly identified as Shawna once her brother Sean arrives. Both siblings are from a post-apocalyptic world, and even for the House being a safe and non-post-apocalyptic place, Sean still has the attitude of a boy who has spent too long proving himself in a harsh environment. Meanwhile, Shawna now sees absolutely no reason for anyone to be dressing sloppy since she thinks being neatly presentable is doable no matter the environment.

Mei Ling recognizes Michael as a key figure from her distant past... but how can that be, as he is only forty years old and Jareth knows of no connection between the two? Thus, Jareth confronts Michael for answers.

Luna and Anastasia share a little quality time together.

Karl arrives Home while seeking out other alternate versions of himself for potential threats like dark-Karl. Karl finds his pint-sized little-Karl alternate amusing (and little-Karl is thrilled, wanting to have some real backup versus Asura). Since there is promise of plenty of other pretty creatures in the House, Karl decides to stay. He makes his presence known to the others just as...

...Aiden spends some time playing in his room, unexpectedly joined by Jareth.

Karl greets Von, and the crossdressing ghostie eagerly pledges himself to be the fire demon's minion.

Aster returns home from visiting Nightweaver's Hideout, and the albino's memories have returned. He is a professional singer who blends the genres of Jpop, Jrock, and American pop, and also has a recurring acting role as a staple character on the soap opera Days Of Our Lives. While his old life and those who were looking for him (and are glad to have him back) do take a fair amount of his time, he continues to remain around the House as he is finding a certain fire demon rather the handsome gentleman.

Creepysidius arrives Home, and while he doesn't seem to pose any sort of threat (and is quite the friendly if rather immobile fellow), he seems to be unable to speak about why he's in the House or what his purpose is. He is able to say that he's a magical construct, and his plushie body is soft and quite huggable.

Once Asura and Michael decide the magical construct is safe enough, Aiden gets to hang out with the Creepmeister, whose eyes have now changed to mismatched runic patterns. Why is that? Again, he can't say, and trying to answer such questions seems to cause him pain.

Meanwhile, Emyrren and Nightweaver's Lharanthis are reunited after many years and more than one change of literal universe. Lhar at first thinks Emyrren will reject him for various reasons including the "inferiority" of the hooved Aethen race as opposed to the human-footed version, but Emyrren confesses attraction instead and a wish that things could have been different in the past. They now have a chance to start over in a whole new world, and they will. First, however, someone who has caused Lhar great torment must be dealt with, thanks to a portal back to the Aethen homeworld. (The portions with no links to follow were roleplay sessions, all further entries on this page that aren't linked out to something are most likely roleplay sessions as well. I have a written version of Emryrren and Lhar's distant backstory in the works, it's not posted anywhere yet though.)

Aster and little-Aster share afternoon tea and cake, and get to know each other a little better, since they are alternate universe versions of each other.

Creepysidius becomes good friends with Nightweaver's Efarenn, a human who is a vampire's "pet." Efarenn seems to be falling in love with Creepy, but while the construct can like and care, he cannot love. The vampire who owns Efarenn is Nightweaver's Halechin, who at first looks as if he is going to cause trouble for Creepy and Efarenn but eventually tells Creepy that he cares for his pet and doesn't wish to hurt him. Creepy also makes friends with Nightweaver's Garrett, a vampire who was turned shortly after receiving disturbing amounts of physical torture which plagues him physically to this day.

little-Karl pokes around the House for interesting things and comes across a diary.

The "goddess" Artemis and little loan shark faerie Jack arrive Home (plus Ashe gets a body), and it becomes clear that Creepysidius was sent ahead to scope things out for his "mistress" Artemis. Artemis is actually male but prefers to be referred to as female, and has the same left runic eye Creepysidius does; she can see out his eye when she wants to. Jack, meanwhile, is from the Shadowrun universe, and is quite unimpressed there's no booze in the House. He'll figure out how to get some, no doubt.

Asura receives a Mother's Day card from Aiden, as Aiden has happily taken to calling Asura "mommy" regardless of gender. Plus, Michael has fallen for Nightweaver's Angelo, so intimate relations are off between Michael and Asura though friendship remains.

Jian, Aiden, Jareth, Zhas, and little-Aster spend a fun day with Legos.

Creepysidius and Lilia help Artemis cast a spell. Hey, what are you guys casting anyways? "It's a secret!"

Michael and Aster do a little cosplay for their kind host. Even though these two don't seem to get along, for the photoshoot they perform beautifully.

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