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little-Aster has his second birthday by arrival date, two years now since he became the first non-giant-fleshcreature resident of the House.

Aster sooths a penchant for crossdressing by trying on a dress meant for a future resident.

Creepysidius makes a very special request of his mistress Artemis, something bound to change his life forever. It is not much later before Creepysidius can feel the love he has wanted to feel for Efarenn.

Nightweaver's Ashraj is faced by the past in his dreams and his nightmare with dark-Karl, or to be precise, an actual child born into the dreamscape by the powers combined in the original nightmare. Rescuing the child from the last bits of dark power both brings the boy into the real world and cures Ashraj of lingering illness.

To be continued...