information @ jack

name: Jack
age: old enough to know you owe him five nuyen
gender: male
sculpt: Dollzone Kuilan, normal yellow skin & faceup by me
size: 16cm
arrival date: May 5th, 2012
eye color: one all blue and white speckles, one blue
hair color: neon pink and blue
personality: crafty, scheming, likes to have a good time
family: who knows, he'd probably sell them if he could
orientation: possibly straight
likes: making money, scamming people, hiding sparkly things away, party food and any kind of alcohol
dislikes: people who don't pay up, getting caught on the wrong side of a deal, dragons
quick bio: Jack is a faerie (he'll ignore you if you call him a pixie) who comes from the Shadowrun universe. He's a clever little fellow who has many contacts and makes good use of them. He is often easy to find when needing a loan, even easier to find when it's time to pay that loan, and nowhere to be found when he's succeeded in scamming someone. He likes pretty girls and parties, where he can make even more contacts and have himself some fun.
ooc: This was Dollzone's winter 2011 event doll I got by ordering Artemis's head and Ashe's body (literally to get this guy). He's my first normal yellow skin doll from Dollzone. They forgot his faceup but I had the itch to faceup anyways, though the first cutsie pink and green one didn't seem to feel right. No wonder, my lil' guy is rough and tumble! The Marilyn Manson thing looks good on him. :3 As for scale, he is actual size.
special item in his head: nothing yet
customization info: Click me.