custom_info @ jack

overview: Jack is a Dollzone boy Kuilan in normal yellow skin with faceup by me. I intend to carefully sand away the former girl gender of the original doll; the doll body will be gender neutral. I got him blank as an event doll with Ashe's body and Artemis's head, through Mint On Card and waited 153 days for him (five months, Dollzone was very behind).

I made his wig out of two fur swatches from Mendel's Fabric. His eyes are a mismatched pair: one multicolored blue glass bead and one of the Dollzone 10mm blue glass eyes he shipped with. For now he's borrowing whatever he can steal out of the tiny gang's clothing collection.

box opening: small part of the one for Ashe's body and Artemis's head,
                   DA version  and Youtube version (near the beginning).

character and stats: Are over here.