information @ jareth

name: Jareth
age: looks about 7 or 8, actual age 639
gender: male
sculpt: Fairyland MiniFee sleeping elf vampire boy Chloe, natural skin and faceup by me, on a Dollzone MSD boy body in normal pink skin
size: 45cm
arrival date: May 23rd, 2011
eye color: n/a, blind
hair color: black
personality: can pretend to be sweet and polite but is dictatorial at heart
family: sister Mei Ling, parents (deceased), uncle Zhu Yuanzhang (deceased)
orientation: gay
likes: Mei Ling, tea, the very best sweets, polite people, blood
dislikes: disobedience, impoliteness, racial epithets, sunlight
quick bio: Born Yuanzhang Xin in 1372, not long after the founding of the Ming Dynasty, Lord Jareth's ancestry is Chinese royalty but his name is not of that country. A foreigner gave it and the curse of vampirism to the child, who forever appears a young boy. He is anything but innocent, dark heart quite the evil thing with tremendous power to back up its every whim. He has learned to use his vampire senses to the point where he can "see" better than a human, knowing full well what his environment is like, even behind him. He cannot see that which is in daylight, however. He thought Mei Ling dead until being reunited with her here.
ooc: Jareth is one of my rare "not pre-planned character dolls," received as an event head through Aiden's purchase. Even though Jareth is a Chloe sculpt, he's definitely all boy and is scaled to the Aster Scale.
special item in his head: nothing yet
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