information @ karl

name: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
age: looks 35, actual age not measurable by human standards (very old)
gender: male
sculpt: Souldoll Kagel, normal skin & default faceup (no lipline/dots)
size: 69cm
arrival date: February 27, 2012
eye color: blue
hair color: blonde
personality: dominant, cool-headed, self-sufficient, answers to no one but himself, and is very evil although loving and kind to those he cares for
family: none
orientation: bi
likes: Aster, Von, Germany in general, chocolate
dislikes: anyone who stands in his way unless they fit in the category of those he cares for
quick bio: Karl is a fire demon who is nearly as old as the multiverse itself, though he chooses to look human most of the time. He became obsessed with Germany and its culture long before the country had that actual name; his English is heavily accented by German. He arrived at the House seeking out other versions of himself after a nasty fight with a near-duplicate of himself from a complete alternate multiverse, and has stayed because he is finding Aster intriguing and his alternate Little Karl amusing. Von has become Karl's ghost minion and is quite happy to serve the big hunk.
ooc: I thought for ages I'd never find a sculpt for an SD-sized Karl, but once I saw Kagel on Souldoll's site, I knew I'd found him. He is scaled to the Aster Scale.
special item in his head: nothing, his thoughts are his own
customization info: Click me.