custom_info @ karl

overview: Karl is a Souldoll Kagel in normal skin and default faceup (minus lip dots and lipline due to how they interpretted a special request, it works). He was ordered new from Souldoll, and his total wait time was 133 days (about 4.5 months, they were very behind).

He has a short blonde 8/9 wig from ebay and the 16mm blue acrylic eyes he shipped with from Souldoll. He has his default outfit thanks to Nightweaver snagging it for me when Souldoll put it back up for sale for a limited time, and also has the "Lont-Z" outfit from Souldoll as well. I have also hand-sewn him a long sleeveless maroon leather "jacket." He has "Teeny Toes" size 1 black toddler dress shoes until I find him something else that will be notably more expensive (the toddler shoes look clunky on him but they fit perfectly length-wise).

box opening:
    Youtube version, DA version

character and stats: Are over here.