information @ leeloo

name: Leeloo
age: 2
gender: female
sculpt: My Little Pony Twinkleshine
size: 8cm
arrival date: March 13th, 2012
eye color: blue
hair color: pink
personality: cutsie and very babyish
family: unknown
orientation: way too young for that
likes: Aiden, snuggles, apples
dislikes: scary things
quick bio: She needed adoption and since Aiden has been unofficially adopted by Michael and Asura, Aiden in turn decided to adopt Leeloo. That's pretty much all the story there is, besides "she's so cuuuuute!"
ooc: This pony belongs to Aiden. While I haven't seen much of the FiM show, Aiden likes the new ponies. I bought her at a Giant Foods grocery store.