information @ lilia

name: Lilia
age: 1,503
gender: female
sculpt: Soom Trachy surprised head, red skin & default faceup, on a red Bobobie Isabella body
size: 28cm
arrival date: September 23rd, 2011
eye color: pink with black non-human pupil
hair color: black
personality: nicer and more mature than Ramza, fairly at ease with the world though watchful
family: younger brother Ramza
orientation: straight-ish
likes: best friend Alice, ladylike fashions
dislikes: Ramza causing trouble
quick bio: Lilia is a shadow demoness who has been around for quite a while. She is the tempered yin to best friend Alice's devious yang. Lilia is more likely to ignore some of Alice's quirky evil traits while being harder on her brother for his much bolder threats and attempts at violence against those he dislikes in the Household.
ooc: Ramza's surprised head declared itself not just his extra head, but a girl and a dolly unto herself. Thirteen guys into building my resin family (plus one on the way at the time), she became my first BJD girl and an interesting body-matching project. I plan to blush her off-matched body as well as add swirly dark-red and black tattoos to it so that it looks like she's supposed to be more than one color. She is scaled to the Aster Scale since she is fairy/sprite sized.
special item in her head: nothing yet
customization info: Click me.