custom_info @ lilia

overview: Lilia is a Soom Trachy surprised head in red skin and default faceup on a red Isabella Bobobie body. She came with Ramza as his surprised head and that's all I thought it was until she declared herself her own dolly one day. She is the alternate head for the limited edition Soom MD (Monthly Doll) for April, 2011. She was ordered directly from Soom with the rest of Ramza, the total wait time was 159 days (just over 5 months, Ramza was originally a 4 month layaway paid off in about 3 and a half). Lilia's red Isabella body, bought directly from Bobobie later, was a longer wait than expected due to EMS trying to lose the package: 77 days before finally arriving January 6th, 2012.

She has a long straight black size 6/7 wig from Pink Fantasy and Ersa Flora 14mm acrylic eyes in "Anime - Geass Pink" with black bases. She has been completely restrung on 1.5mm (arms) and 2mm (body) Dollmore elastic. She has two dresses from Impldoll and black Mary Jane shoes with black and white striped socks from ebay. She also shares Alice's horde of Isabella-scale clothing but not much of it is Lilia's style. (The picture to the left is old, when she briefly borrowed Ramza's body and fullset.)

box opening:
Her best box opening is when her body arrived, which you can see here on DA. She was not known as a doll unto herself during Ramza's box opening, but you can see her "arrive" on YouTube by viewing his box opening video, the surprised head part is from 7:40 to 8:25. You can find all of Ramza's box opening stuff in his customization info.

character and stats: Are over here.