information @ little_ashe

name: Ashe; assassin alias Ashen, real name Haiiro Kaijin
age: 28
gender: male
sculpt: Little Pullip Lan Ake head / 23cm kid boy "white" skin Obitsu body
size: 23cm
arrival date: July 15th, 2010
eye color: dark grey
hair color: black
personality: confident, sensual, submissive to just the right person
family: depends on the universe, but his mother is much-loved whether she is alive or deceased; he is an only child
orientation: quite gay
likes: Sergei, crossdressing, sniper rifles, sake
dislikes: prison, authorities
quick bio: Ashe is a deadly assassin, well-trained in martial arts and can kill at short or long range. He practices his physical skills every day unless badly injured, which is a very rare occurrence considering his talents.
ooc: Ashe was my first venture into the Pullip world, even if he's only a Little one. His wig, which is one of the shortest ones I could find... made him look like a Beatle until I trimmed the bangs. XD
special item in his head: green-colored, melon-scented Hello Kitty eraser
dolls for the doll: Ashe has a collection you can see here.
customization info: Click me.
interview: Riddick-fics version.