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overview: Ashe is a Little Pullip Lan Ake head with lip color removed, customized onto a 23cm kid boy "white" skin Obitsu body with magnetic feet. The white body is actually a pale peach (not paper white, which confused me when I was looking for bodies but I figured it out), and fits the skin tone of the head pretty much perfectly. I got the head from ONLYWHOLESALE via and the body from Mimiwoo.

His wig is a black Monique "Johnny" style size 4-5, he has dark grey glass eyes, and borrows Aster's Blythe/Pullip shoes and socks (from Mimiwoo) a lot. Ashe's clothes are so far all hand-sewn by me, and jewelry is random finds. He also has a blue and silver motorcycle.


The Little Pullip Lan Ake arrives. You can see her before she got disasembled and turned "he". She is actually a very pretty doll, though I don't like how they package her hair (it ends up sort of stuck in a two-sided ponytail or pigtail look because they have it tacked down on either side of her head in the box... water didn't help much).

Different size eyes in a Little Pullip head. The realistic ones (the 10mm and 12mm blue eyes) I got with little Aster when I bought him from Bobobie. He has pink now from SafrinDoll, so the blues are just nice size references. No idea why they shipped him with different size eyes. ^_^;; Ashe's final dark-grey eyes (not in this video, I was still waiting on them) are glass from a random BJD parts site.

Customizing a Little Pullip head onto a 23cm kid boy Obitsu body. The nitty gritty of getting his lil' head onto his new body. Includes a link to another user's video on how to undo a Little Pullip head and get the stock eyes out (seems like that link is also on some of the other vids). I believe this is also where I talked about taking the lip color off (which was obnoxiously difficult).

Ashe is complete, with wig, eyes, clothes, etc all home and in place. I have since trimmed his hair, reeeally gotta take more pics. ^_^;; I just have a webcam right now (and a crappy cell phone) sooo... limited quality and size to work with.

clothes I have sewn him:

yukata and no eyes, old wig is just set on his head
pimpin' a more boyish outfit
his red dress, my favorite outfit of his
three cloaks, the first two are his, last one is for little Karl
layered cloaks of doom, the silk is one I made for little Aster

character and stats: Are over here.