information @ little aster

name: Aster
age: what's "immature little brat" in elf years? XD
gender: male
sculpt: Bobobie Elfkin in white skin, faceup by Nightweaver
size: 15cm
arrival date: June 21st, 2010
eye color: pink
hair color: white
personality: spunky, demanding, stubborn, impish
family: lover little Karl and adopted daughter teeny Shane
orientation: gay as anything
likes: crossdressing, sweets, secrets, looking pretty
dislikes: big pants, having his hair messed with, being told what to do
quick bio: Hailing from the land of "who's askin??" and a proud descendant of the long line of "none of your business!!", Aster demands cake. White cake, with white frosting. Now.
ooc: I actually got this lil' guy to be a form of an original fiction and roleplay character whose quiet, gentle, and sometimes-shy personality is nothing like what the doll's turned out to be. Hence why there is now a big Aster too, but lil' Aster ain't going nowhere! His new faceup by Nightweaver helps him look softer but he can still pack lots of attitude anyways.
special item in his head: pearly-pink flower bead
dolls for the doll: Aster has a collection you can see here.
customization info: Click me.
interview: Vampire version.