custom_info @ little_aster

overview: Aster is a Bobobie Elfkin in white skin, faceup by Nightweaver (picture on the left is his old default faceup). I bought him directly from Bobobie. I waited about 2 months for him.

His wig is a Monique Trix size 4 in "snow white." He has 10mm "Cotton Candy" pink acrylic eyes from Safrindoll, and 8mm no-pupil "light pink" opal acrylic eyes from Ersa Flora. He has been completely restrung on Dollmore 1.5mm elastic. He has Blythe/Pullip socks and shoes from Mimiwoo, a bunch of Mini Baby Born outfits and furniture, a Barbie dress, some clothes hand-sewn by me, and jewelry made from random finds.

box opening: Part one and part two.

clothes I have sewn him:

dress for a lady, in the style of early-1800's England
oriental cloak
bunny ears

character and stats: Are over here.