information @ little_karl

name: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
age: looks 35, actual age 602
gender: male
sculpt: Dollzone Leo, normal pink skin & distributor faceup
size: 16cm
arrival date: October 6th, 2010
eye color: blue
hair color: blond
personality: evil, obsessive, and often power-hungry, but can be quite loving should he actually care for someone
family: lover little Aster, son (Shaerileth's) Sora, and adopted daughter teeny Shane
orientation: bi
likes: his family, (Nightweaver's) Suriel, (my brother d00mhammer's) Est, scheming, blood, power
dislikes: anything that gets in his way
quick bio: This power-hungry little vampire is always looking for new minions to convert to his cause, or other evil allies where there are too many goody-two-shoes around. He is little Aster's lover on a good day and has accepted teeny Shane as part of their very strange family. He has also discovered that he has a blood son named Sora, who keeps threatening/begging to mail himself to daddy in a box.
ooc: One of my much darker fiction and roleplay characters based loosely off one sentence about Kroenen's childhood (Hellboy villain), this guy is the perfect other half for little Aster. I was hoping the doll's feel would reflect Karl's character, and he is close, with a bit of an obnoxious twist. In other words, as he would put it, "perfection!"
special item in his head: nothing, his thoughts are his own
customization info: Click me.
interview: Vampire version.