interview @ little_karl // version:vampire

Introduction: These are Karl's answers for an "Interviews" meme thread at DoA, with questions by Nana aka SacredMonsoon. This is the late 1700's vampire version of Karl, that matches up with his version of (Little) Aster interviewed earlier. Karl's character template is based off one line of vague childhood backstory for the Hellboy villain Kroenen. This interview was taken shortly after the discovery of (Teeny) Shane, and is assumed to be in written form (his accent is murder on braincells even in short dialogues).

Name: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Doll Mold: Dollzone Leo
Face up: default
Eyes: blue
Hair: blond, short and generally straight
Skin: caucasian, he is of Germanic descent
Age: 372, looks to be in his mid-30's

If you were to describe yourself with one word, what would it be?

What is most important to you in the world?

Would you help someone who needed it while passing?
Nein, unless there was some obvious benefit in it for meinself. So, most likely, nein.

Are you very observant?
Extremely so.

How innocent/naive can you be?
I do not remember ever having those particular traits.

Can you entertain yourself easily?

How well do you get along with others?
It depends on the "others." I get along quite well with mein treasure.

What was the longest time you had a friend?
"Friend" is not a normal part of mein vocabulary. All the same, Aster has been mein companion for ninety-three years now. There is no suitable word for the delight he brings.

Do you have someone who knows you inside out?
I think mein love knows me better than I might guess.

How short is your temper?
Very, though it is more rare for me to show the anger visibly. As for mein lover, I have infinitely more patience for him than I care to show anyone else.

Can you let go of grudges easily?
Nein. If I feel ill will towards someone, they will most likely die.

Do you read?

Do you watch TV?
What is this "TV"?

Do you collect anything?
Ancient writings to do with a certain important project I am working on.

How long do you stay interested in something?
Until I have attained, completed, or exhausted all possible options in relation to whatever the concept is. There is one particular being I will never tire of, regardless.

If you collected, would it be for interest or profit?
What I collect will hopefully bring about a cure for Aster's malady. That is far more important that interest or profit.

Do you know your parents/creator?
Mein parents died when I was young, mein mother first; mein father remarried. When he died, mein new mother remarried. Thus, I had parents entirely unrelated to me by blood, und the pair of them were complete fools. I left the household as soon as I was able. The one who turned me was quite insane, I destroyed him as the first victim of mein newfound abilities.

What is your birthday?
The 23rd of January. I was born in the year 1413, und turned when I was thirty-five, on the night of November the 13th.

Do you have any siblings?
Nein. I was an only child. I do not care if there were children after I left the household, und had there been any of mein non-parents, I would not have considered them relatives.

Ever have to fight for what you believe in?
Ja. I killed many the morning Aster nearly died... but violence is nothing new to me.

When did you move out on your own?
I left home at the age of twelve.

When did you REALLY mature?
I have always been independent. I cannot really put mein finger on a specific age where I became more man than boy. The years immediately following mein leaving home were quite formative, though.

Did you have many friends?
Here we have the word "friend" again. Nein, though I have had many enemies.

Any action you regret?
Not having found Aster again sooner, but that is not for lack of searching most ernestly.

What is a memory you treasure?
Mein first sight of the one who would become mein most singular treasure, just over two hundred years ago now. Cairo... that snowy skin und hair catching moonlight as he stood on a sand-blasted wall, serene as the night air stirred fabrics meant for another gender. I knew then that I had to have him.

Do you have a dream partner?
Only Aster.

Do you believe you seek someone like your parents(or creator)?
Hah. Aster is unlike any I have met before... though, from what I was once told, perhaps mein true mother had a temperament closest to his. I do not, however, equate him with any being who has or ever will exist.

Do you have one night stands?
I used to, on occasion.

What feature is most attention grabbing for you?
Eyes... or a particularly charming or lovely face.

What MUST someone have for you to consider them?
Mein attention.

Older, younger, same age as you?
Age is relative when one stops aging. I do like that Aster appears younger than I, but mein actual age is nothing in comparison with his.

How do you feel about settling down?
I believe I already have, und am exquisitely happy with mein choice of partner, though I wish he did not have to suffer as he does. It would perhaps be more true to the concept of "settling down" if we did not have to move periodically, but we make the best of it.

How many dates before you go to bed with someone?
If I desire someone, waiting is unnecessary should they desire me in return.

How do you handle rejection?
Not well.

How many times did you stop something before it developed?
If I reject someone, it is done quickly und with politeness only if required by society's standards.

Have you settled down and if so for how long?
I am quite certain Aster will remain with me indefinitely. We will have to move from here eventually... good breeding can only account for so much longevity. This house should last us another decade or two of relative peace.

Any Children?
I have not sired any of the vampire line... I do not need the competition. It would seem Aster wishes to adopt a child vampire he has discovered by the name of Shane. I will allow it, to please mein lover.

Any Grandchildren?

What do you love most about your partner?
It is difficult to single out one aspect from the whole... I adore him for so very many reasons.

Any petnames?
Mein treasure, precious, pet, love, engel... it is a long list.

How many relationships have you been in?
Quite a few.

Have you ended any?
Certainly... but there is one that will not end of mein own choosing.

Has your heart been broken?

Any loves you cannot have?
I have the only love I desire.

Do you believe in true love?
Ja. A silly romantic notion, perhaps... but I see it in mein Aster. It was through his mere existance that I learned I could love at all.

Have you ever died?
Nein, unless you count becoming undead. I continue to exist, however, so mein answer remains.

Can you even die?
Logically, ja.

Have you seen someone die?
Death und I are old acquaintances.

Have you killed someone?
Most certainly, in the very plural sense.

Have you had someone killed?
I do mein own killing.

What makes you truly happy?

If you could, what is one thing you would spend your life doing?
Pleasing mein lover in whatever way he desires.

Do you have a job, if so what is it?
I have wealth enough for the moment. Mein quest revolves now around curing the affliction the sun has given mein treasure.

Have you ever gone insane?
I am quite sane, und always have been so.

Did you ever feel as if you were the only sane one in the world?
I do not care about the mental state of the world.

If you had a choice, would you live a calm eternal life, or live a wild short life?
I wish to live forever with mein Aster. He prefers calm, so calm it will be. Should any try to disturb us, however, mein wrath will be great indeed. Mein delicate treasure is mein life now.