information @ luna

name: Luna Lovegood
age: she's forgotten, it's been too long
gender: female
sculpt: Monster High Lagoona Blue
size: 28cm (including platform heels)
arrival date: November 19th, 2010
eye color: green
hair color: blonde with blue streaks
personality: although she looks spaced-out quite often, she is very down-to-earth and caring
family: possibly... maybe... somewhere...?
orientation: not picky with the gender thing
likes: girlfriend Anastasia, Melody, little Ashe, shopping, Brad Pitt, high heels
dislikes: fish and chips, bad fashion, bullying
quick bio: Luna is 5'7" but looks 6'1" in her heels and loves being random shopping buddies with Ashe, who seems even shorter around her... in whatever universes a fish girl and an assassin can be friends. Luna has a pet piranha named Mr. Fish.
ooc: I love this doll's skin tone, and yes, she's named after the Harry Potter character. I realized after already thinking Luna sounded good for her, that the doll has a similar face and hair, with a spacy look to her from most angles. The day this girl arrived I had seen Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 before opening her. Fitting! The fishy is named after Jared's Gyarados in the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things.
etc: She was purchased from chanceydolls on Ebay.
special item in her head: head isn't made to come off.