information @ melody

name: Melody
age: 16 + lots of undead time
gender: female
sculpt: Monster High Dead Tired Draculaura
size: 28cm
arrival date: November 23rd, 2011
eye color: purple
hair color: black with hot pink streaks
personality: sweet and maybe just a little bit clueless
family: mommy Anastasia, other-mommy Luna, auntie Alise
orientation: boys are cute! :3
likes: Mommy, Mischa, Luna, Auntie, flowers in bright colors
dislikes: polyester, sleeping anywhere uncomfortable
quick bio: While her mother has been masquerading as multiple generations of the same family, Melody has been... around. Somewhere. Probably shopping or sleeping or hanging out with her bookish friend Mischa. Now they can have sleepovers in this new place, and raid closets because surely someone around here has something decent to wear!
ooc: I love the younger look of this doll when compared to the original Draculaura, and Melody makes a perfect eternal teenage daughter for Anastasia.
etc: She was purchased from a Giant grocery store of all places.
special item in her head: head isn't made to come off.