~ aptitude test meme ~ see others ~

Introduction: These are the answers for various dolls to the question posed by Lorti in her Aptitude Test meme at DoA: "Based on what you know of your dolls personality, what occupation do you think they would be likely to have?" Listed by order of arrival.

(little) Aster: Door-to-door cake salesman who would never make money because he'd eat all the cake. ^^;;

(little) Karl: Something that requires a lot of manipulation and zero scruples... and the ability to avoid daylight. High finance or mob boss. >3

Asura: Lord of the underworld, it's already his job. If it weren't... maybe history professor or researcher, or writer... or librarian. XD

Strata: A navigator in the Starfighter yaoi sci-fi webcomic universe. If I tried to modern-day Earth him, hmmm... he'd be recruited into the US Air Force, or possibly test piloting anywhere.

Michael: English literature teacher, drama teacher, and/or actor (it's in his character anyways, I cheat).

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