custom_info @ michael

overview: Michael is a Dollzone Cosmo in normal pink skin with default faceup, on the 72cm body instead of the usual 65cm for that doll. I bought him from Dollzone through Denver Doll Emporium and waited 76 days for him.

His wig is a Kemper "Cassidy" short pale-blonde size 8-9, and he has 14mm Safrindoll acrylic eyes in "Icicles" light blue. He has the following Dollmore Glamor Model M clothes: longsleeved navy blue shirt, khaki pants, brown and grey checkered scarf. He also has a silver ankh necklace from Charms4You on Etsy. He has blue and white sneakers from ReleaseRain, though he prefers going barefoot when possible. He also now has a commissioned modern Catholic priest's outfit (shirt with collar, suit, pants) made brilliantly by DoA member Penstemongrower of Wildflower Designs.

box opening: Youtube version, DA version part one and part two.

character and stats: Are over here.