information @ mini_riddick

name: Richard Bee Riddick
age: ?
gender: male
sculpt: Dollzone Dongdong boy mod, white skin with faceup, wing painting, & body blushing by me
size: 17cm
arrival date: January 15th, 2012
eye color: eyeshine
hair color: none
personality: clever, can be rude, and just waiting for an opportunity to do something evil
orientation: not picky
likes: little Aster, cookies, acting like he's done noooothing wrong
dislikes: ...?
quick bio: Still figuring this guy out, he was quite a surprise all things considered.
ooc: This is an event doll that came with Mei Ling. I was originally going to sand down the cheeks because I didn't like them, but after doing a quick lulzy photoshop test noticing something from the the first profile pic I used on this page (when the doll was still unnamed)... well, that's how he ended up being mini-Riddick. If you don't know Riddick, he's played by Vin Diesel and appears in the movies Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick, as well as an anime short and two video games. This version is obviously not a canon Riddick but some freaky demonic alternate-universe version or something. I also changed my mind on earlier thinking he was scaled to the Aster Scale but methinks his real size is the doll size. In other words, to humans he'd be a creepy lil' 17cm-tall space bug! XD
special item in his head: nothing yet
customization info: Click me.