information @ nightshade

name: Prince Nightshade
age: unknown
gender: male
sculpt: My Little Pony Glitter Island Napper (storebought version)
size: 10.5cm
arrival date: probably somewhere in the early 90's
eye color: purple
hair color: purple with metallic silver strands
personality: shy and quiet
family: lost long ago
orientation: unknown
likes: unknown
dislikes: unknown
quick bio: This guy doesn't really have a story, though he was always a shy prince type back in the day. He's been through several names, none of which I can remember now... hence the new one.
ooc: This is my sole remaining Pony from my original 80's and 90's collection which was huge. I gave the rest away to a good cause, but kept this one because he's cute and in good shape. He has a permanent marker "T" on the bottom of one hoof which means I probably bought him at a thrift store eons ago.