custom_info @ nirian

overview: Nirian is a Dollzone Hid head in white skin with faceup by me, on a Souldoll Souloid body in steel skin. His head was ordered new as an event freebie head with Elphen, from Dollzone through Mint On Card. His head's total wait time was 198 days (about 6.5 months) due to the "great Dollzone backlog of 2012." I later got the Souldoll Souloid body as part of a Souldoll Diget split on DoA; it arrived January 14th, 2014, and the total wait time was 104 days (about 3.5 months). (He is borrowing Elphen's Dollzone 46cm boy body in the pictures, I need to take new ones that don't suck!)

He has three wigs: an Usagihime 7/8 L-31 in "blond pink mix," a Jpopdolls 7/8 Kanawild in "Dusty Tears," and an Angell-Studio 7/8 WG41028 that is long, blue and purple, with huge curls at the end. He has Ersa Flora 16mm anime acrylic eyes in "Noel Pink."

box opening: is part of Elphen's - YouTube, DA

character and stats: Are over here.