information @ nyu

this doll was ordered January 20th, on a 3 month layaway.
arrived 7/11/2012.

name: Nyu
age: ?
gender: female
sculpt: Dollzone Nyu, white skin & default faceup
size: 27cm
eye color: ?
hair color: pink
personality: ?
family: ?
orientation: ?
likes: ?
dislikes: ?
quick bio: ?
ooc: This doll belongs to Shane. As a YoSD, Nyu is the perfect size for a faux-SD-size doll for child Shane. Her scuplt name stuck after using the doll in online roleplay sessions, and it does fit her. She was preordered from Dollzone via Mint On Card; customization info page to come.

[x] doll (white skin, default faceup, came w/ 14mm light-blue glass eyes)
[x] wig (Maca's pink wig, GW25-007 size 6/7)
[x] clothes (Maca's fullest outfit)
[x] eyes (ebay 14mm pink no-pupil glass) - waiting