information @ rei

name: Rei Ayanami
age: unknown, looks about 14
gender: female
sculpt: Pinky Street Pinky:cos Neon Genesis EVA Rei Ayanami ver.2 (PC2012)
size: 10cm
arrival date: January 10th, 2012
eye color: red
hair color: blue
personality: quiet
family: deceased
orientation: unknown
likes: her Shinji doll, sandwiches
dislikes: unknown
quick bio: I'm not sure I'll ever know much about Rei, but as she's new I'm still getting a feel for her. We'll see, I don't mind if she stays shy. ^_^ Her canon history from the original Evangelion series is somewhere in that cute little head, but anyone who knows the show knows that gets complicated.
ooc: I'd been meaning to get into Pinky Street ages ago and finally remembered to poke around properly. Rei was one of the first Pinkies to really stand out, and she finally became my first Pinky Street doll. Released in August of 2007 as a limited edition summer version of the first Evangelion sets, this doll is technically the Pinky Street character Moe cosplaying as Rei (but I consider her to actually be Rei). She has two outfits, a Shinji doll, sandwich, book bag, eyepatch (claimed by Sean), and sticker bandages. I bought her from Tokens Collectables on Ebay.
special item in her head: inner head isn't meant to be taken apart