information @ sean

name: Sean Ramsley
age: 17
gender: male
sculpt: Pinky Street Pinky:cos Captain Animate Want You! boy Ramika (PC1002)
size: 10cm
arrival date: January 18th, 2012
eye color: brown
hair color: brown
personality: a lot of attitude, he's a bit of an a-hole
family: sister Shawna
orientation: straight
likes: guns and more guns. and guns. did he mention guns? oh, and Rei! :D
dislikes: his sister nagging at him about his clothes all the time
quick bio: Sean grew up in a post-apocalyptic world and learned to survive on skills, wits, and attitude. He's often a jerk as a side-effect of having had to prove himself so often and protect what belongs to him. His right eye has been blinded by a knife attack, hence the bandage.
ooc: My third Pinky Street doll, after rearranging parts I discovered he was a boy, which is good because I wasn't sure I'd like or have a use for the Ramika face (wanted the hair lol). The end result is perfect. Released in December of 2004, the original configuration of this doll is technically the Pinky Street character Kokoro cosplaying as Ramika Hoshii from Captain Animate Want You! I knew nothing about the show, also known as Anime Tenchou, until researching the doll. The complete Ramika version comes with a shirt that says "boy meets boy" plus blue skirt and mostly-bare legs with white socks and blue shoes, black employee apron with nametag and badges, and "Animate" shopping bag. As pictured, Sean has Rei v.2's eyepatch, Sumire's hair with the back ponytail flipped around, and Sumire's alternate outfit including shorts-to-pants extension. I bought him from mylittlemagicat on Ebay.
special item in his head: inner head isn't meant to be taken apart