information @ sebastian

name: Sebastian
age: born yesterday, or tomorrow, who knows
gender: male
sculpt: Dollzone Fairies fullset, normal pink skin & default faceup
size: 14cm
arrival date: July 9th, 2011
eye color: magenta
hair color: petals are orange
personality: curious, playful, most likely very innocent
family: everybody! him! her! you! oh! and daddy Elphen!
orientation: no idea if he even gets the concept
likes: powdered sugar, playing with everything around him
dislikes: clothes
quick bio: Sweet and cuddly, Sebastian likes to make new friends and randomly fall asleep. He speaks in a language of cute little squeaks. His father doesn't think much of him, which makes the lil' guy sad, although others do their best to cheer him up.
ooc: My initial reaction on seeing these guys during the 2010 event-only release had me going "O.o???" but they grew on me severely afterwards. I am pleased as punch to finally have this little guy brightening the dolly world. ^.^
special item in his head: another clear pink bead, as apparently he doesn't already have enough sparklies in his noggin.
customization info: Click me.