information @ sergei

name: Sergei
age: 26
gender: male
sculpt: Bratz Boyz Cade
size: 26cm
arrival date: July 15th, 2011
eye color: purple
hair color: hot pink with white highlights
personality: confident to the max and can be quite antagonistic
family: long left behind
orientation: not picky
likes: little Ashe, ****ing, motorcycles, working out, brawls, b33r
dislikes: people telling him what to do, losing
quick bio: Sergei is very "in your face" and is a dominant force, to put it mildly. He sold his motorcycle to Ashe and... didn't bother leaving. Ashe isn't complaining. :3
ooc: He came with little Ashe's motorcycle and after several hours of experimental customizing, I decided to keep the doll. Now to get over the feeling that I have unleashed doom upon the world. xD
special item in his head: hmm, haven't thought about it yet...
customization info: Click me.