information @ shane

this doll was ordered May 2, 2014, on a 5 month layaway.
arrived 11/12/2012.

name: Shane
age: looks about 8, actual age is ?
gender: female
sculpt: Dollzone Elsa, normal pink skin & default faceup, on a B45-014 MSD boy body (planned boy-to-girl mod)
size: 44.5cm
eye color: blue
hair color: blonde
orientation: ?
concept: The MSD vampire child version of Shane, very similar concept to Teeny Shane. Shane has her own doll named Nyu. Shane is scaled to the Aster Scale. She's on the DZ B45-014 44cm boy body so she can look the right age, and I will be gender-neutralling the boybits. She was preordered from Dollzone via Mint On Card; customization info page to come.

[x] fullset doll (normal pink skin, B45-014 44cm boy body)
[x] normal eyes (defaults or blue glass 14mms from the bag of misc eyes)
[ ] eerie eyes (Ersa Flora 16-18mm opal blue no pupil acrylics)