information @ sophie

name: Sophie
age: she isn't saying
gender: female
sculpt: Ai Torenia
size: 13cm
arrival date: February 21st, 2014
eye color: pink
hair color: pink
personality: quiet, secretive
family: unknown
orientation: unknown
likes: pink, candy, secrets
dislikes: losing, her secrets being discovered
quick bio: Shophie is a mysterious little gal who spends most of her time observing others to store away secrets and juicy gossip. Whether or not she'll share any of it is... for her to know, and you to find out!
ooc: This doll belongs to ? (the Dollzone Nyu I'm waiting on). Ai dolls are plastic BJDs, thus why this gal isn't in the resin section.
special item in her head: nothing yet
customization info: Click me.