information @ teeny_shane

name: Shane
age: unknown, appears a child
gender: female
sculpt: Little Dal Sodier Of Cards head / Obitsu 11cm body
size: 12.75cm
arrival date: September 22, 2010
eye color: blue
hair color: blonde
personality: eerily quiet, she never seems to speak, though there is no obvious reason why she would not be able to talk
family: adopted "mommy" little Aster and daddy little Karl
orientation: unknown
likes: dolls, reading, watching people quietly
dislikes: anyone who is rude to her
quick bio: Shane is a mysterious vampire child whom Aster discovered and wished to bring into the home he shares with Karl. It is a crime among vampires to turn one so young, but someone else had done the evil and there she was. She seems to get along quite well in her own silent way, though no one can truly tell what she is thinking most of the time.
ooc: Shane is one of my oldest fanfiction characters originally created to be Riddick's daughter. This version is part of the tiny clan, aka little Karl/Aster.
special item in her head: tiny pearly-pink flower bead
dolls for the doll: Shane has a collection you can see here.
customization info: Click me.