dollies @ teeny_shane's_collection

name: Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Edward Hyde
age: unknown
gender: male
sculpt: handmade from screws, metal bits, and glue
size: 1.6cm
eye color: black
hair color: none
concept: A robot with multiple personality disorder.
name: Samantha
age: 22
gender: female
sculpt: Lil' Bratz Surprise Locket Yasmin
size: 6cm
eye color: brown
hair color: brown
concept: Samantha seems relatively quiet and nice but is devious inside.
name: Sylvia
age: 26
gender: female
sculpt: Lil' Bratz Surprise Locket Cloe
size: 6cm
eye color: blue
hair color: blonde
concept: Sylvia is prissy, demanding, and opportunistic.
name: Kaito Kiseki
age: 32
gender: male
sculpt: LEGO Ninja minifig
size: 4.25cm
eye color: black
hair color: light grey
concept: A ninja whose story revolves around protecting a young emperor in ancient Japan. Alternatively, fighting alongside an assassin named Ashe.
names: Ferdy, Goo, and Brooklyn, respectively
ages: adult, baby, adult
genders: male, male, female
sculpts: hand-sewn plushies made by me
sizes: (without hair) 4cm, 9mm, 3.5cm
eye colors: pearly purple, pearly purple, one green & one yellow
hair colors: shades of blue & lilac, white, white
concept: Family of creepy-cute plushies. Find more information and pics of Ferdy, Goo, and Brooklyn at devianTart, plus a how-to-make tuturial.