information @ tenesia

name: Tenesia
age: glamorous ladies do not tell their age!
gender: female
sculpt: Barbie Fashion Fairytale Flairies Shim'R
size: 23cm
arrival date: October 31, 2011
eye color: blue
hair color: purple
family: does not seem to have any
personality: dedicated to the task of being ultimately fashionable
orientation: straight
likes: looking gorgeous for everyone, especially Jian
dislikes: not looking gorgeous
quick bio: She is not just a shallow thing, but truly wishes to embody the most beauty possible because she understands that to be the purpose for which she was created. Even Jian's attempts to tell her she can be anything she wants fall on deaf ears, as she is determined to be nothing shy of stunning. Her name means "tenacious and resilient" which is quite fitting.
ooc: This doll belongs to Jian. She is the third and final doll in the related Barbie set of which Gynx and Estrella are the other two. Ironically, it seems I got the main star of the associated Barbie movie last. I got her partly to complete the set, and partly because Jian wanted a little something to tide him over while waiting for his Dollmore Banji girl. Tenesia's box opening will be a photostory soon.
special item in her head: head isn't made to come off.