information @ tychonderus

name: Tychonderus, Ty (shortening), Tychon (alternate shortening)
age: ?
gender: male
sculpt: Fairyland PukiPuki Sugar one-eye-modded-open sleeping faceplate, white skin and faceup by me
size: tiny (will get him a WS PukiPuki body sometime)
arrival date: January 10th, 2011
eye color: currently solid purple
hair color: currently has none
personality: impish, sly, crafty, kleptomaniac
family: unknown
orientation: unknown
likes: being impish, sly, crafty, and stealing things
dislikes: ...getting caught stealing things?
quick bio: Ty is new as far as character goes so I'm still getting to know him. He's some kind of forest sprite who can change his looks on whim... just don't try calling him Tycho, he hates being called that!
ooc: I got this guy's modded faceplate in early 2011 from the Den of Angels marketplace for the purpose of practicing faceups, which is why it's been more difficult to track his info down. Once I did his second faceup on November 22nd, 2011, I knew he needed a body which I will get from the marketplace when funds aren't going other places, and a proper name, which he has given me. As to the picture, he is white skin but camera failed that (right along with focus).
more notes: I bought him from dragonesskirra, who guesses him as 2008 for production year and I am his third owner.
special item in his head: not even possible to do that yet

his faceups: first, second.